One-legged man puts up flyers to find his missing leg after ‘walk in the park’

A man has put up posters for his lost prosthetic leg after an ill-fated "walk in the park".

A sign was spotted in a park, believed to be in West Sussex, with a picture of the prosthetic limb with the caption: "Have you seen my leg?"

"Just a normal walk in the park (typically every one knows every one else in eng *sarcasm*) lol," wrote the poster who shared it on Reddit, referring to the fact that the man left just his first name on the flyer.

"Last seen in Worth Way, reward if found. Call Larry," the flyer went on.

Of course, commenters went to town with the puns. "Is this for real or are you just pulling my leg?" said one person.

Another said: "Went for a night out, came home absolutely legless."

"He tried to claim he was sober but he doesn't have a leg to stand on," jested a third person.

"Don't believe it, just down the road from me. I walk the Worth Way quite a bit. If I find it, I'll post here," said a local who often treks the seven-mile footpath and bridleway linking the West Sussex towns of Crawley and East Grinstead.

In 2020, Chris Marckres, then 47, while on a "bucket list" sky dive, lost one prosthetic leg after it detached mid-jump and fell over 9,500ft.

Chris, who lost both his legs over a decade ago after diabetic complications, had been skydiving at Vermont Skydiving Adventures in West Addison, United States.

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Mr Marckres was on the jump as part of a bucket-list wish prompted by a recent diagnosis of end-stage kidney disease.

The prosthetic leg would have cost him £16,000 to replace, or leave him in a wheelchair as his insurance company did not cover the incident.

After launching a plea on Facebook asking people to keep an eye out for the carbon-fibre limb, he woke up to the story going viral.

With helpful people gathering to search, along with the help of dogs – there was still no sign of the limb until soybean farmer, Joe Marzalkowski, began a search of his own in nearby Vergennes.

After searching for two hours, he was about to stop when he saw what seemed to be a piece of metal.

The prosthetic leg had fallen over 9500ft yet was in good condition with just a few scratches.

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