Russian explorer finds creepy Soviet astronaut statue in ‘dream’ derelict castle

A Russian urban explorer has unearthed a set of creepy statues hidden inside an abandoned palace for decades.

Danya Mezeger showed the captivating, glittering chandelier in photos on Instagram as he posed with a light under it in a ballroom.

But in the same room, the bloke was joined by creepy statues and a 'majestic' wooden tapestry that was allegedly created by factory workers from the Soviet Union.

The statues feature a woman holding up the sun in the centre and a factory worker on the left.

On the right stands an astronaut, representing the Russian Space Agency in front of miniature figures of people doing manual labour work on the tapestry.

Captioning the collection of images on social media, Danya wrote: "An abandoned palace of culture with a huge chandelier and majestic wooden tapestry, which was made by the workers of a factory."

While the exact location of the castle has not been disclosed to protect the historical site from vandalism, Instagram fans swarmed the comments with love for the fascinating find.

One user wrote: "Aaaa, it would be a dream to go there."

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Another added: "Photos are amazing."

A third said: "Chic."

The news comes after another Russian urban explorer has exposed the inside of an abandoned research building that was once used by the Russian Armed Forces.

Nekolesnik posted a series of images on Instagram that showed rotting walls and strange graffiti left in the dilapidated former Centre of Missile Forces and Artillery, which closed in 2011.

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The stairs are covered in paint from peeling along the walls and windows have been collapsed into the tower.

The images were shared on Instagram last week with many fans sharing their praise for the interesting find as one user said: "My great-grandfather was there on duty, as I understand it, the building will soon be gone."

However, the explorer has faced some backlash for posting after Russian troops invaded Ukraine as some people have been threatening to unfollow him because of the war but he had not replied to any comments about it.

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