Sonos confirms the news that fans desperately didn’t want to hear

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Sonos CEO Patrick Spence has confirmed that Sonos will not be launching any all-new products for months. That’s a blow for fans who were hoping to see the smart audio brand enter new product categories as soon as possible. Whispers have swirled for months that Sonos has designed a pair of wireless headphones with active noise-cancellation to compete with the likes of the Apple AirPods Max, Bose 700 Series, and Sony WH-1000XM4.

Bose 700 Series

The award-winning Bose 700 headphones have enjoyed a number of price cuts in recent weeks – finally making them more affordable. These over-ear headphones can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time, sport an impressive 20-hour battery life, improved noise cancellation, and boosted microphones for better audio quality when making phone calls. There’s also support for multiple voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Alexa.

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Apple AirPods Max

You can get £100 off the cost of the AirPods Max when bought from Amazon UK, compared to your local Apple Store. But even with the generous discount, these over-ear headphones are still a costly proposition compared to the nearest competition. However, with exclusive features like the instantaneous pairing, the ability to automatically switch between your Apple gadgets as you move between an iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – not to mention support for tSpatial Audio, there’s a lot to love!

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