New mobile phones will fully charge in just nine minutes in ‘tech breakthrough’

New mobile phones will be fully charged in just nine minutes, boffins have revealed.

Fears of your mobile running out of juice will be a thing of the past thanks to new technology which can rapidly boost handsets.

The breakthrough was revealed by the Chinese phone maker Oppo at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – and will be in devices by the summer.

The technology allows phones to be smaller and thinner.

Oppo showed its SuperVooc charging tech charging a phone from 1% to 100% in nine minutes.

Apple and Samsung are said to be developing their own fast-charging batteries, believing this is an important selling point for phones.

Neil Monger, Oppo’s UK product manager, said: “We have been working on Vooc technology since 2014. It was relatively fast back then and it has carried on evolving.

“It’s not just about speed – it is also about doing it in a way that is safe for our customers.

“For example, if you just try to put more power into a battery without safeguards, it may cause longer-term battery damage that causes it to degrade quicker over time.

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“We test and test to avoid that. These new versions of SuperVooc have 13 temperature sensors installed in the phone to monitor the charging status in real-time.

“It reduces the chances of overheating and prevents other abnormalities. If someone is keeping a phone for two or three years, they need to know the battery will last.

"A good battery will retain 80% of its capacity after 800 charges. Ours do that after 1,600.”

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Stuart Miles, the founder of tech website Pocket-Lint, said: “The new technology from Oppo will allow smaller, slimmer and lighter handsets too.

“It Super-speedy charging like this means smaller batteries – after all, if you can fill them up in a matter of minutes then you don’t need a giant one.

“Of course, many people want a big screen and so phones have to be big to accommodate that – but they don’t need to be so thick and heavy.”

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