Woman spooked when she captures ‘ghost’ sitting next to her in TV reflection

A woman was left baffled when she stared at her television screen to find an eerie shadow appearing right next to her in reflections.

Esmeralda turned to TikTok for help and posted the video asking if she was getting delusional.

"Am I tripping or? So the noice over here is my turtle and I am home alone right but," she films in a selfie mode before she flips the camera to the back.

"The reflection shows there's a whole person sitting next to me."

Some viewers were quick to relate the scene to horror movie "Ring" as they compared the "female figure shadow" to the spirit character in the movie.

"Your seven days' up," one joked and another said: "Hell nah, that's the girl from Ring! Are you still alive?"

A third added: "That's why I never look at the TV when it's off."

Others asked Esmeralda if it could be a glitch on the footage or if she edited the clip to make it spooky.

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She responded in another video and showed the room around that there was no one in the house.

She was waving her hands to show her shadow on the television screen reflection and while she was speaking, her dog, Penny, barked at a direction right next to her.

A viewer left a comment, asking: "Does your dog ever bark or stare at nothing in your house? Usually they can sense spirits."

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"It's a portal – mirrors and tvs," another noted. "You can see ghosts through TVs when they are turned off."

In other news, a teacher received emails 'from future' sparked a ghostly time travel mystery.

A clip from the 1980s explained an economics teacher named Ken Webster, from Cheshire, received a series of cryptic messages on his BBC home computer that appeared to have been sent by someone living in the reign of King Henry VIII.

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