Man claims he’s found lost underwater city ‘with pyramid’ from 12,000 years ago

A retired architect has made explosive claims that he's found an ancient underwater city with a energy field and pyramid.

The eccentric George Gelé, who describes himself as an amateur archaeologist, has been a whopping 44 times to the site where he believes a 12,000-year-old city is situated.

His theory is not backed up by experts.

Gelé's outlandish claims are in reference to the mysterious granite mounds just off the coast of the Chandleur Islands in the Gulf of Mexico, The Sun reports.

It is here that the amateur archaeologist believes a pyramid lies.

“What’s down there are hundreds of buildings that are covered with sand and silt and that are geographically related to the Great Pyramid at Giza,” Gelé told local CBS affiliate WWL-TV.

“Somebody floated a billion stones down the Mississippi River and assembled them outside what would later become New Orleans."

Gelé has been interested in studying "remnants of major buildings" and "large pyramid" for almost 50 years.

Ricky Robin, a local shrimper who has been on excursions with Gelé, told the publication that the compass of his boat spun round completely when he neared the area Gelé believed the pyramid is situated.

Robin said: “Everything will go out on your boat, all your electronics.

“Like as if you were in the Bermuda Triangle. That’s exactly what we got here.”

Robin claims the area has been a strong point of discussion after several fisherman reported they caught odd square rocks in their nets.

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“I thought right away it was pieces of the pyramid because it was right around where that compass spun,” Robin said.

"The existence of this site has long intrigued Isleño fishermen and mariners familiar with the area," The St. Bernard Voice wrote ahead of a lecture by Gelé in January.

"Who could have constructed a solid granite structure roughly the size of the Caesar’s Superdome in these waters, now covered with silt?

"Mr. Gelé has interesting theories about the origin, age and purpose of this pyramidal structure."

Some social media users have slammed Gelé's claims, with one person writing: "Actual archaeologist here. I fixed your headline: Retired architect thinks natural features are ancient city."

“All I know is somebody built a city 12,000 years ago and it’s stuck out in Chandeleur,” Gelé claimed.

“Whether or not they had someone on their shoulder who flew in with a UFO, I don’t know.

"All I know is they left a whole lot of granite rocks out there.”

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