Bloke felt ‘hypnotised’ after watching ‘weird UFO’ zoom over water in UK town

A bloke was stunned and says he felt "hypnotised" when he spotted a mysterious flying object moving at great speed in a fiery red colour.

Dan Pengelly, from Seaton in Devon, said he had no idea what it could be when he first spotted the UFO just outside his garden by the sea in January.

In the astonishing clip he shared with Cornwall Live, the sphere-shaped craft appears to have rims around as it glows in the dark sky.

Dan follows the UFO while it travels horizontally towards the open area of the sea behind the tree line.

The next day, he goes back to his garden and points out the location where the UFO was.

"It was up there obviously and then it goes across the sky. I followed it over here, it changed direction and went out to the sea," he explained.

The local said he was "hypnotised" just staring at it.

"It looked like it was on fire,” Dan said. "But there’s no way it was a meteor or anything. It changed direction, horizontally in front of me then changed direction again out to see.

"Then I went to get my phone, which took me about 20 seconds, and by the time I got it out I could only get three small lots of footage.

"I thought ‘that’s some sort of weird bloody spacecraft'."

Dan disputed the possibilities of it being a boat, a plane or a satellite.

"It just looked like the bloody sun. It was huge," he added. "Whatever it was, could have better technology, might have been in space going the speed of light.

"I wouldn’t bother it. Never seen anything like it in my life."

Dan said he felt sympathy for people who spot these sightings, like a woman who recently told CornwallLive she’d spotted an odd diamond of metal in the sky, because they often get mocked on social media.

However, he insisted that people who leave such comments would change their minds if they saw something like what he did.

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