Man blows up own bum by strapping dynamite to backside and detonating it

A man has had to seek emergency medical treatment after shoving a "dynamite-like" device into his bum and detonating it.

The horrific incident was reported in a medical journal compiled by researchers led by Ali E. Zumrutbas at the Department of Urology at Pamukkale University School of Medicine in Denizil, Turkey.

In the report, they say: "This case reports a schizophrenic patient who had a multisystem genitourinary and rectal trauma after self-detonation of an explosive in the rectum and managed with reconstructive surgery without any postoperative complications.

"Lower urinary tract anatomy was preserved and full continence was achieved after the surgical procedure."

The researchers pointed out also that while blunt traumas account for up to 95% of damaging bodily penetrations, unusual insertions are a major concern, especially when involving the penis or rectum.

In this instance, the team wrote: "A 35-year-old man was admitted to the emergency department of our hospital for rectal injury," also pointing out that the man had a history of self-mutilation.

The man, which the report did not name, had previously amputated his testicles and also had a history of multiple skin incisions.

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The report continued: "He inserted a dynamite-like small explosives into his rectum and fired it.

Because the anal and perineal regions were totally crashed and physical examination revealed necrotic areas at anal sphincter, which extends 15cm proximally, a foreign body was found in the colon.

"After the initial operation, he was referred to our hospital for genitourinary reconstruction. He had a colostomy and a large hole with a diameter of 10cm in his anal region."

Bladder repairs and a "large hole in the anal region was reconstructed" followed and the doctors reported that the nature of the incident was an "extreme condition" to schizophrenic patients.

They wrote: "Explosive traumas should be managed carefully as the effects of thermal injury might be more severe than they seem."

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