iPhone trick lets you find out if your Tinder date is lying about their height

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Everyone's been there: you see a hot, eligible person on a dating app who claims to be seven feet tall, and taken in by their looks and impressive stature, you swipe right.

However, as you talk more and more to your gigantic match, something about their chat projects serious 'short' energy and you're full of doubt.

Luckily, you don't have to waste your time going on loads of dates with them just to find out they're 4'5.

Thanks to a nifty hidden iPhone tool, you can find out exactly how tall your Tinder match is just by taking a photo on any iOS device.

The iPhone's 'Measure' app lets you take a measurement of anything using your camera.

All you have to do is open the app, then aim the white dot at the top of the object you want to measure (in this case your date's head) and click the + icon.

This will set the first plot point of your measurement. Now, just slowly aim your camera downwards as if you were taking a panoramic photo and click + again to attach the final plot point to your date's feet.

This augmented reality tool will tell you exactly how tall your date is, and give you the perfect excuse to ghost them without any further reason. So, just be ready to snap a photo of them when you first meet up. It definitely won't be awkward.

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In other iPhone news, it looks as if Apple is set to remove the hated 'screen notch' from the top of its iPhones.

Leaked images of the iPhone 14 on the Chinese social media platform Weibo claim that Apple will replace the notch with a 'hole + pill' shaped design in future iPhones.

The claims have been independently verified by other Apple analysts.

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