Wacky UFO expert accuses NASA of a cover-up after finding ‘boot’ on Mars

A wacky UFO expert has accused NASA of a huge cover-up after finding a "boot" on the surface of Mars.

Scott C. Waring has claimed that he has "100% proof that NASA is hiding facts" from the public about the Red Planet.

On February 24, Scott discovered "ancient alien artefacts" that would cause people to "doubt" NASA, when looking at images supposedly taken on Mars.

He said: "I came across some ancient alien artefacts. One was an old boot, heavy, military grade.

"Another item was a statue of a person in a sitting position, with her hair up. And there was a face half buried in the dirt not far from another piece of machinery."

Scott went on to explain how all the items he has discovered are "very close to the Mars Rover" which makes him believe NASA are covering them up.

He continued: "All these items are very close to the Mars Rover. The newest rover NASA has…the Perseverance.

"You can even see part of the rover in the actual photograph below. Its 100% proof that NASA is hiding the facts from the public, keeping us all in the dark."

Scott believes that the reason the items have been kept from the public is due to NASA fearing their work from the last 50 years will be discredited.

The UFO specialist questioned their reasoning, adding: "Why? So we wont call them liars! That's NASA's real fear.

"That would cause everyone to doubt everything that NASA has said since its creation 50 years ago. Yes, that's right! NASA was created to hide the lie…and that is the truth they don't want you to know."

Earlier this month, Scott believed he had spotted an alien watching the Mars rover in photos released by NASA.

He said the sighting was "100 per cent proof of intelligent life", and described the being as about a "foot-tall" with a pink body.

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