Man rushed into emergency surgery after ramming AA battery up his penis

A man was rushed into emergency surgery after making the peculiar decision to shove a battery into his penis and couldn't get it back out.

The 49-year-old man went to the emergency ward after inserting an AA battery in his urethra.

It is understood the battery had been in his penis for over a day until he finally showed up at a hospital moaning about obstructive urinary symptoms.

The battery was removed without surgery after 24 hours.

However, five months later, the patient, who had no mental problems, was sent to the hospital again after the battery had caused urinary blockage complications in his penis which was treated with surgery.

The medical team said urethral foreign bodies are rare with a variety of causes, including psychiatric illness, autoeroticism, intoxication, and perceived contraception, according to Urology Case Reports.

The team wrote: “The battery was removed without surgery after 24 hours.

"In this case, the presence of a battery in the urethra for 24 hours caused severe and progressive damage to the urethra and corpus spongiosum.

"Internal Urethrotomy intensified fibrosis and increased the length of stenosis.

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"The urethra had severed adhesions to surrounding tissues during Urethroplasty and severe fibrosis of the corpus spongiosum was evident.”

In 2016, a bloke stuck a metal stainless-steel chopstick up his penis after he started to pee blood and decided to inspect his own equipment.

The native of Hangzhou City's Yuhang District, in the capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, was too shy to visit a doctor about the issue and decided to run his own diagnostics – with the 18-centimetre (7.09-inch) stainless-steel chopstick.

Chen said he thought his urethra was "broken", so he inserted the tip of the chopstick into his penis to "check", but after ramming it further up his member, he could not get it back out again.

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When he tugged on the stick, it caused him massive amounts of pain, so he eventually gave up visited the Yuhang District Fifth People's Hospital.

Scans of the poor man's privates show the metal stick lodged deep inside him, with medics saying it could have proved fatal if he had continued to push it upwards.

Doctor Ruan Zhixian, who took Chen into surgery and successfully removed the eating utensil, said the chopstick had reached the man's rectal wall.

It is not confirmed whether he suffered any long-term effects from his bizarre injury.

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