Inside the Amazon clothing store set to change shopping forever

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Amazon is planning to open its first ever physical clothing store later this year.

Situated in Los Angeles, the clothing store – dubbed ‘Amazon Style’ – will let Amazon customers shop for women’s and men’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

But it’ll be a slightly different shopping experience than normal.

Instead of having everything out on the racks, the store will only feature one example of each item on the shop floor.

The rest of the stock will be kept in the back of the facility and customers will use QR codes and the Amazon app to scan the details of clobber they like the look of.

The app will tell them things like colours, sizes and past reviews. If they want to try it on, they can add it to a list.

Once they’ve finished browsing, shoppers will be notified the items they fancy are in the fitting rooms to try on.

The fitting rooms themsevles are interactive. Touchscreens will let customers request different sizes or colours of their selected items.

As if by magic, they will be delivered to the fitting room.

As customers browse the store and scan items, Amazon’s personalised algorithms will recommend other items they may be interested in buying.

‘Amazon Style is built around personalization,’ Amazon says on its website.

‘Our machine learning algorithms produce tailored, real-time recommendations for each customer as they shop. As customers browse the store and scan items that catch their eye, we’ll recommend picks just for them.

‘For an even more tailored experience, customers can share information like their style, fit, and other preferences to receive more refined recommendations.

‘Even shopping for deals is personalized and convenient—customers can easily view deals in store that match their preferences right in the Amazon Shopping app.’

Of course, all payment will be handled on the app so there will be no need to queue up at a checkout.

The brick and mortar store will open in the LA suburb of Glendale and will feature both recognisable brands and new and emerging designers.

It’s not yet clear if Amazon will bring Amazon Style stores to the UK.

It seems likely, given that Amazon has checkout-free shops, called Amazon Go, already up and running in Britain.

The shops use a combination of artificial intelligence and extensive cameras and sensors to track where customers are and what has been picked up from shelves.

Once a customer has signed in at the shop’s entrance, they can pick items, put them in their bag and leave, when the items will be charged to a customer’s Amazon-linked card.

While there are no employees manning the tills, there are assistants on the shop floor to assist customers and replenish stock.

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