Bloke spots UFO hovering over lake after finding ‘glowing rocks’ on the shore

A man has revealed how he found bizarre glowing rocks in a lake before an apparent UFO sighting that changed his life.

Erik Rintamaki, a gem and mineral dealer, was rock hunting on the beach of Lake Superior, Michigan, USA, using a UV light when he spotted a "strange glow" coming from washed-up rocks.

He gathered them up and took them to analysts from Michigan Technological University and Saskatoon University who confirmed that the rocks were so unique that they were the 'first of their kind' in the area.

Word quickly spread about his find back in 2017 and others began flocking to the site, leading him to set up a touring business.

But one night, while out with a group of explorers, they made a shocking discovery in the sky, which he recounted in an interview with the Trail of the Saucers podcast on January 18.

Erik claimed he was wrapping up the night tour on June 12, 2019, at around 1am when the four tour members spotted orb-like lights floating on the water.

He said: "There were three bright orange balls of light hovering above the water directly above Whitefish Point and Lake Superior.

"These orb-like lights were in a formation that looked like an elongated triangle.

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"Then a second after I turned to see them, the orbs swapped positions with each other and then very quickly swapped back to their original positions.

"Then one of the three lights would fade out and a second later one of the other two lights would move to the position where the light that disappeared had been.

"The lights did this until only one light was left, and then another light would appear above or below the original light.

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"This went on for a long time.”

Erik pulled out his phone to record the mysterious lights for five minutes but is still ay a loss over what caused the phenomenon.

He added: "We stood there in the pouring rain at 1 a.m., looking at the orbs and wondering: 'What the hell are we looking at? Are they UFOs? Aliens?' None of us could believe what we were seeing.”

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