The iPhone 13 is half price, but here’s why it could be a bad time to upgrade

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There are some blockbuster iPhone 13 deals on the market right now that make owning this latest Apple flagship seriously tempting. Three Mobile is currently offering this feature-packed device – which includes an improved processor, camera and battery life – for half the usual price, which means you can pop one in your pocket for just £31 per month.

Get 50% Off iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is the latest model, which means we don’t usually see 50% discounts within the first few months. This incredible deal from Three Mobile slashes your bills in half for the first 6 months of your contract. For that, you’ll get unlimited superfast 5G mobile data to stream video and music, make FaceTime calls, and scroll through TikTok, Instagram and more without ever worrying about running out of your monthly allowance. You’ll also get a 3 month subscription to Apple TV+ for free.

Contract length: 24-months | Allowance: Unlimited 5G data, unlimited calls and texts

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