Sunak upstages Boris with £60m boost for Brexit Britain while PM endures Commons hell

Rishi Sunak says it’s easy to ‘duck difficult decisions’

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The Chancellor announced he will visit Pall Corporation, which “protects and purifies” pharmaceutical drugs, including a majority of UK Covid vaccines. The company has been responsible for developing industry-leading technologies and solutions in areas ranging from healthcare to climate change. Mr Sunak announced that he arrived in Ilfracombe this morning to meet Selaine Saxby, the Tory MP for North Devon.

The Chancellor said that this is where Pall Corporation will be investing to create jobs for locals.

Back in 2020, the company was responsible for accelerating the COVID-19 vaccine development process.

When the University of Oxford called on the UK biotech community to help to develop a process that could mass-produce a vaccine for what was then a new pandemic, Pall Corporation was quick to respond.

Using what is known as lean product and process development (LPPD) principles, the company developed and deploy a full manufacturing process in eight weeks.

This is an 80 percent reduction to development times that are usually seen in the vaccine manufacturing process.

Now, the company will be helping Britain out once again.

Mr Sunak tweeted: “Excited to be in Ilfracombe this morning with Selaine Saxby

“I’m visiting Pall Corporation, who protect and purify pharmaceutical drugs including a majority of UK Covid vaccines.

“They’re announcing £60 million of investment at this site creating 200 new local jobs.”

Joseph Repp, President, Pall Life Sciences, said: “We’re thrilled to be part of the Ilfracombe community and excited to welcome new associates to our growing team.

“Our Ilfracombe manufacturing facility is integral to our global capacity expansion plans and continues to play a critical role in helping our customers deliver life-saving vaccines and therapeutics for patients.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak added: “It is great news that the Pall Corporation is investing £60 million in Ilfracombe creating 200 jobs, a fantastic example of levelling up in action.

“This site started in the 1970s with just 50 employees and now is playing a crucial role in world’s fight back against Covid-19, saving lives in every country on the planet and boosting the Devon economy.

“As we look to establish ourselves as a truly Global Britain and drive forward our recovery it’s crucial, we continue to attract foreign investment and create well-paid jobs for the future.”

Mr Sunak was reportedly shown around the Devon factory, which manufactures filters to purify liquid and air.

He also learned about their role in the global vaccine production, DevonLive reported.

Back in July 2021, Pall released their plans for expansion with £1.1billion to be poured into the company globally.

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Ilfracombe base is receiving a £60million investment as part of this expansion.

But Mr Sunak’s visit comes at a convenient time for the Chancellor.

Mr Johnson took part in PMQs today, where he endured a hellish time over the so-called “partygate”.

And as Mr Sunak has been tipped to take over as party leader following the end of Mr Johnson’s tenure, a barrage of comments have come from critics on social media.

They say his trip to Devon could not have come at a better time.

Alistair Carmichael MP, Liberal Democrats MP for Orkney and Shetland, said: “Brace for a wave of Tory ministers turning up to Shetland to be as far away as possible from PMQs today.”

Dr Rakib Ehsan said: “Excited to be in Ilfracombe – well away from Westminster for today’s PMQs.”

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