Norton now includes crypto mining software alongside its antivirus program

Norton is a brand name synonymous with antivirus software, but the US-based company is also getting involved with cryptocurrency.

The latest version of its Norton 360 security software comes complete with optional crypto mining software that sets about harvesting Ethereum.

For the uninitiated, cryptocurrency mining is when a computer cranks away at a mathematical problem which, in turn, generates the digital currency. The more currency you want to mine, the harder the maths problem gets and the more power required to solve it.

As a result, many miners ‘pool’ their computational power together to effectively mine for crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is also what gives cryptocurrency its staggering environmental cost.

Enter Norton.

By providing relatively simple software, the antivirus company is allowing regular people to get in on small-scale crypto mining.

Meanwhile, if enough people get on board, Norton could end up making a serious amount of coin from everyone involved at the same time as sending out the signal to other software providers that this could earn big bucks.

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