Crossover between Call of Duty and Attack on Titan has been confirmed

Call of Duty:Warzone is all set to cross over with ultra popular anime Attack On Titan, as a way to celebrate its final season.

While the collaboration with the anime has taken some fans by surprise, it's not unlike Call of Duty to cross over with other franchises. COD has previously introduced the likes of John McClane, the Terminator, Rambo, Leatherface and Jigsaw to the game.

This crossover will see players being offered an exciting bundle inspired by fan-favourite character, Captain Levi Ackerman. Here are all the details you need about Call of Duty x Attack on Titan, including items in bundle and when the collaboration goes live.

What items are part of the Call of Duty x Attack on Titan bundle?

The bundle called Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle will contain 10 items all of which let you slice through your enemies in the blink of an eye.

The Titan Piercer is a new weapon blueprint coming to Warzone and Vanguard, that’s been modelled after the blades on Attack on Titan.

Accompanying the big blade is a new Survey Cops Operator Skin for Sgt. Daniel Yatsu, which has been inspired by Captain Levi Ackerman.

New guns including the Ymir Curse Assault Rifle which is a long-range weapon, designed to do maximum damage at a distance, is also coming to the game as part of the crossover. More subtle references to the anime such as a Secret Keeper key weapon charm, the Wings of Freedom emblem, and the One Hot Potato sticker will also be up for grabs.

Also coming to the game are the Legendary “Historia” SMG, the Steel Cut finishing move as well as the, Vanguard-exclusive Vertical Maneuver Highlight Intro and Ultrahard Steel MVP Highlight.

When does the Call of Duty x Attack on Titan collab go live?

The Attack on Titan crossover is part of Warzone and Vanguard's midseason update. It will go live on January 11 in Vanguard and January 12 in Warzone. The Levi bundle becomes available on January 20.

The update also adds Operator Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes with the Wild Rose bundle plus two Legendary Weapon blueprints to the game.

Those who have all three members of Trident unlocked and at their max levels will also be able to unlock a special Gold outfit for these Operators as well as Platinum one if they have at least three other Task Forces maxed out to Level 20.

How have fans reacted to the news of the Call of Duty x Attack on Titan crossover?

Some fans seemed less than thrilled about the news of the crossover. One called it the "weirdest collab" they'd seen in their lives on Twitter.

Another fan said: "Vanguard has the worst cosmetics out of any Call of Duty game to ever be created." A third added that they believed "Raven and Sledgehammer "should never touch Call Of Duty again".

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