Woman petrified after almost choking to death on stone in mushroom risotto meal

A woman has recalled the alarming moment she nearly choked to death after biting down on an actual stone that was hiding inside a mushroom risotto meal saying it made her 'so, so scared.'

Jasmine Davies, 26, from Cheshire had bought the £7.95 COOK microwave dinner from her local Spar shop after finishing work last week.

While chowing down, she was surprised to suddenly bite down on something that was hard which dislodged one of her fillings.

Jasmine started choking but fortunately her fiancé Alex had the clarity of mind to realise what was happening and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on her.

Jasmine, who runs a cleaning company, was then able to spit out the food and was shocked to discover the risotto had contained a small rock.

She said: "I honestly could not believe that such a thing could even bypass standards into a food product.

"When I bit, I just thought that was it. You feel like there is nothing you can do. It's a horrible feeling when you feel that you can't breathe.

"I'm very lucky that my partner was there with me. To even think about the alternative outcome is so, so scary."

Jasmine suffers from fibromyalgia, a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body and extreme tiredness.

The stress of this unexpected rocky situation has now caused her symptoms to flare up suddenly.

COOK initially responded to Jasmine's complaint by offering her a free meal voucher.

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In a text message from customer care, a worker calling herself Hannah said: “We really hope you’ll give us a second chance and we’re keen to make amends for this and we will post you a voucher.”

Jasmine admits she was shocked by the initial response, adding: "When they offered it me, I couldn't even reply. I was astounded.”

A spokesperson for COOK said: "We are aware of somebody who has found a foreign body in a product.

“We take all our complaints very seriously, especially those with a foreign body, which is unusual. We are liaising directly with the customer on this matter."

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