Inside spooky abandoned Brit mental hospital ‘haunted’ by ghostly white figure

The derelict remains of a Scottish psychiatric hospital could be haunted by the spectral form of a figure in white, it has been claimed.

Rosslynlee Hospital in Roslin near Edinburgh was founded in 1874 and existed to provide care for patients with mental health issues.

Since it was closed in 2011, the hospital has been left to decay and has become a popular spot for urban explorers reports EdinburghLive.

The hospital is located in the stunning Midlothian countryside and is chillingly cut off from the wider world.

When it was operating in the golden years of its lifespan, it even had its own water supply and vegetable garden where patients would grow their own food.

In recent years the grounds of the hospital have taken on a decidedly more sinister vibe.

Inside the gloomy buildings, the paint is peeling and graffiti is common.

Meanwhile, the halls are littered with rusting old medical equipment abandoned in corners.

In 2020, two young men claim to have had a close encounter while exploring the decrepit site.

Jamie Osborne and Michael Cosgrove said that when they entered the building it was freezing cold and they could see their breath in the air despite it being summer.

Low temperatures have often been associated with hauntings or psychic energy, but being in Scotland probably didn't help.

Still that wasn't the only spooktacular thing the pair claimed to have noticed.

Edinburgh resident Jamie told the Daily Record: “We were in different rooms like the nursery and the nurses rooms.

“We then found a way into the actual building where it got a lot colder where we could see our breath even though it was the middle of summer."

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After finding an old wheelchair the pair took turns posing in it for photos – but what they found when looking at it afterwards is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

A figure dressed in white appeared to be looming over Michael.

“After further examination, it now looks like something much taller reaching over the chair and looking towards the camera.”

“Once we saw this we quickly left and didn’t go back”.

As you might expect, no photo has been shared showing this spooky figure.

It seems the 'hauntings' at the site could be short-lived as it is now marked for development.

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