Amazon Ring doorbell captures ‘ghost’ on camera – leaving family ‘freaked out’

A family from Liverpool has been left 'baffled' and 'freaked out' by footage of a ghostly object appearing on their Amazon Ring doorbell.

Phil Johnson, 31, said he now believes in ghosts after taking his bins out on a Friday night. When he went back into his house he received a 'strange' notification from his mobile phone.

His Amazon Ring doorbell, which streams video footage directly to an app, had captured something unusual on camera.

"The footage sticks for a few seconds and then it shows me walking back into the house. Suddenly a strange object goes past my head."

He continued: "I have no idea what that is. I have watched it over and over still don't understand what happened."

Phil, who has lived in his house for years and never experienced anything like it, is adamant he doesn't believe in ghosts—but the footage has made him change his mind.

He said: "Nothing like this has ever happened before no. In terms of my footage, I don't know what that object is. My partner thinks it's weird and is a bit freaked out by it."

"We have put in on social media and all our friends think it is strange too. I never used to believe in ghosts but now I do."

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However, while the unexplained phenomenon has made him question his beliefs, Phil is adamant he doesn't want the event to be investigated any further.

"I am not at all into ghosts or the supernatural. And I don't want any ghostbuster types coming around here to investigate this."

Amazon's Ring doorbell uses a webcam to help people keep track of who comes to their door. They use infrared cameras to take footage at night and can stream live video to your phone.

Since increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, the Ring doorbell has led to more than a few disagreements between neighbours, as some are convinced it is leading to invasive surveillance in residential areas.

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