Red Dead Online fans say ‘game is dead’ after disappointing January update

Angry gamers have blasted the new Red Dead Online update for its 'disappointing' lack of new content.

Fans have said that "the game deserves better" after a January update added nothing except an XP bonus for existing missions and events, some of which are two years old.

Meanwhile, Rockstar's other massive online game, GTA Online, received a massive storyline update called 'Nightflife Leak' featuring rapper Dr Dre and tons of new missions and items—despite coming out more than nine years ago.

A new viral hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline has launched on Twitter, and is full of dismayed fans of the cowboy franchise who want Rockstar to give the game more TLC.

In particular, gamers angrily compared the lack of new content on Red Dead Online with a wealth of updates for GTA Online, a much older game.

"You are still promoting a 9 [year old] game instead of a nearly fresh game with such an amazing community," complained one Red Dead player on Twitter.

"3 years of neglecting Red Dead Online for an 8 year old, outdated, cluster***k of a game known as GTA Online. Red Dead Online has been left to rot by Rockstar's incompetence and inability to listen to their community," wrote another outraged Red Dead Online fan.

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What changed in the Red Dead Online update?

Although Rockstar hasn't commented publicly on the backlash, the Red Dead Online January update is sold as offering "bonuses on A Land of Opportunities missions, Call to Arms, Gang Hideouts, and the featured series" on the company's website.

In particular, it says that 'aiding the widowed Jessica LeClerk in avenging her late husband' will earn 2X XP and Gold over the next month.

This week, playing with a Persistent Posse will lead to a 2000 XP reward, while the rest of the month will see bonuses dished out in Call to Arms, Blood Money, and Team Gun Rush events.

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Multiplayer games typically release winter or Christmas-themed updates before launching new in-game events, missions or items in January.

Fortnite, for example, hosted its annual 'Winterfest' which saw some major additions to the game map and daily item unlocks.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty Warzone ran a 'Festive Fervor' event which saw its first major update to the new Caldera map and Vanguard gamemode.

Even GTA Online received a festive makeover, while it snowed in Red Dead Online and, again, gave everyone an XP boost.

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