Little-known trick to try out brand new WhatsApp features before everyone else

A simple trick can help you make sure that you get new WhatsApp features before anyone else.

The messaging platform is one of the most-used apps on the planet and its owner Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is constantly looking at ways to improve it.

The better and more useful the app is, the less likely people are to move over to its competitors. They are also arguably less likely to use so-called clone apps found on Android servers.

Meta recently cracked down on clone apps by imposing bans on their users on the apps that had additional features.

New WhatsApp features are therefore now in development and you can get to try them before millions of others.

So what are the new features and how can you use them?

What are the new features?

There is a range of different tests on apps Meta chooses to release.

Some new features include more options for disappearing messages in the hope of making more chats private.

An app for the iPad is also a new addition and a new option means that people can turn on disappearing messages on all of their chats at the same time. There are a number of options for how long these messages can appear.

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Previously, the limit was at seven days, but people can now switch this to 24 hours or 90 days if they so choose.

A new 'communities' feature has also been tested and is similar to a feature on Discord, where groups can contain smaller groups.

For instance, a university course may have smaller classes of certain people, so those classes can be added to the chat.

How do I get the new features?

People who want to try the new features need to make sure they are signed up to the beta testing programme.

Beta tests are released outside the official app updates and happen far more often. They contain new, exciting features often not available to around two billion WhatsApp users worldwide.

However, as they are new, they can contain bugs or cause the apps to crash when they are first released.

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To join the beta test on Apple devices, you need to download the TestFlight app and click a public link in an email.

Then, users can see an update by clicking "view in TestFlight" or "start testing". From there, a user can update or install the beta version of the app.

The testing for WhatsApp is currently full, so you should keep an eye out for when it becomes available.

For Android users, they can simply access beta versions through the WhatsApp page on the Android store.

Have you tried out any new WhatsApp features in the beta testing stage? Tell us about them in the comments below

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