Vodafone revives dreaded EU roaming charges THIS WEEK, with EE and Three to follow soon

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Vodafone will bring back its EU roaming fees in January. The charges, which are being reintroduced following the Brexit referendum and the UK’s subsequent exit from the European Union, will see customers charged £2 a day to access their mobile data, send texts, or make calls abroad. If you joined Vodafone after August 11, 2021 or upgraded your plan after that date, you’ll be hit with these new roaming charges from January 6 2022. Customers who have an older contract will be exempt for the time being. Vodafone isn’t alone in resurrecting these dreaded additional costs to any trip abroad, as EE and Three are also reintroducing roaming charges in 2022. Thankfully, not everyone is following the same example, and if you shop around you can find some mobile providers that won’t be charging you extra to send a WhatsApp message or check Google Maps when visiting mainland Europe. Among the mobile operators who have decided against reintroducing roaming charges are O2, VOXI and giffgaff.


Unlike it’s big rivals EE, Three and Vodafone, O2 hasn’t announced plans to scrap EU roaming. If you’ve got a monthly data allowance of over 25GB you’ll be able to use up to 25GB abroad without no extra costs. Other leading providers charge £2 a day to use data allocation abroad.

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Vodafone’s contract-free VOXI service also offers EU roaming. You’ll be able to use up to 20GB of your data allocation abroad at no extra cost. If you like the sound of this then VOXI SIM-only plans start from just £10 a month.

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EU roaming is also included with giffgaff plans. Like with VOXI, there’s a 20GB fair usage policy. You can get a giffgaff SIM for just £10 a month – this plan usually offers 10GB a month, but right now you’ll get 15GB of data to use.

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