Man catfished by scammer pretending to be former X-rated star Sasha Grey

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A man from Rugby has been catfished into paying medical bills by a scammer posing as famous global porn star Sasha Grey.

Warehouse worker Paul Martin, 52, has bought plane tickets to fly to the Alabama Hospital where he believes Sasha, 33, is admitted in after getting ready to foot £1,700 for alleged life-saving medication.

Birmingham Live reports how The Sunday Mercury came to find no evidence that Sasha, whose body of work includes The Porn Diaries, Dawn of Sex and Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story), is battling for life in the UAB Hospital, Madison County, Alabama, as Paul had been led to think.

The Birmingham paper were unable to contact the medic who sent a pleading message to Paul which included the emotive and tactical line: "Send £1,700 or she will die."

Sasha, like Paul, has also been a victim to this porn scam as the catfish is using her name and identity without her knowledge in order to gain money from punters.

She previously turned her back on the porn industry 10 years ago to pursue a mainstream acting career.

Paul is still set on flying to Alabama come Friday (7 January) despite being presented with the paper's evidence. He also paid £600 for his flight, although he is yet to pay the medical bills for the scammer.

The 52-year-old admits to working "72 hours for the last 14 weeks" to finance the mercy dash.

"If I don’t see her, I don’t see her," he shrugged.

"I’d like to visit the place, anyway. I think it’s got mountains.

"I’m 52, I’m going down the chute. I’ve done everything I wanted to do."

Before Birmingham Live intervened, Paul had hopes of turning his internet friendship with "Ms Grey" into a physical one.

He also intended to launch a public appeal to raise cash for the life-saving medication needed to save the celebrity patient.

"She is very poorly, a blood disorder. Every moment counts. It’s not like the NHS. She told me she’s going to die," he told the paper.

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On top of the films that Sasha Grey had starred in globally, she has also written books, including the international best-selling novel The Juliette Society, toured internationally as a DJ and supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Her CV does not paint a picture of a patient struggling to meet medical bills.

Why she would seek out a Warwickshire warehouse worker who lists his hobby as "PlayStation" for romance is not a question pondered by Paul.

"We just seemed to connect and have a good laugh," he said.

"She was looking for a European boyfriend and I wanted something different.

"Porn was her past. If you can’t forgive someone, what are you supposed to do in life? She wanted to try it, she did it and she’s now more mature. She’s trying to get on day by day."

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