Woman with Covid put in ‘bubble boy’ style suit to eat Xmas dinner with family

Thousands of people were forced to quarantine over the holidays after contracting Covid-19 — but that didn't stop one family from letting their relative join in their festive holiday fun.

Crista LaRock from Long Island, New York, said her sister tested positive for Covid before Christmas.

But rather than taking the more obvious precautionary step of uninviting her from dinner, the family took support bubbles to a whole new level by finding a clear plastic bubble for their Covid positive relative to sit in.

Crista told Storyful: "My sister got Covid, but we still wanted to safely include her in our holiday plans.

"We included my sister in a way that worked for us."

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Crista shared a hilarious video of the family dinner on TikTok with Jingle Bell Rock playing in the background.

Her sister — donning a festive hat — can be seen sitting in a plastic chair inside the closet-sized tent eating her dinner. She is later filmed wearing a mask inside the pod while her family enjoy Christmas Day.

The clip has since gone viral, amassing more than 9.9million views and 704,000 likes.

"When your sister gets covid for Christmas…you get her a bubble!!!," Crista wrote as the caption.

Crista commented saying everybody at the family dinner lived together, had tested negative for Covid-19, and were vaccinated. She also said her sister "was in the bubble to eat and spend little amounts of time in".

However, some questioned the bubble's effectiveness and whether it was safe for her to be inside.

One viewer said: "Yea I don't think that works…"

Another commented: "10 bucks the whole family gets it by New Year or sooner because that is not sealed."

However, others were quick to praise the move.

"Don’t care what anyone else says. This is very sweet. Shows u guys are a very close family and love each other so much," one person said.

Another added: "when someone gets covid, they are still human. chances are if you are in the same household you will get it anyway. that is so sweet."

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