Spooked Google Maps user spots unexplained obelisk in middle of Mexican desert

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A Google Maps user has spotted a mysterious obelisk and markers in the middle of the Mexican desert.

The screenshot posted by Reverse_Baptism to the subreddit 'Google Maps Oddities' shows a towering, four-sided, narrow monument in the middle of the desert.

Four markers can be seen lined up next to the monument.

"Found this strange monument in the middle of the Mexican desert," the Reddit user wrote.

"It isn't marked on Google Maps and I was only able to locate it using this one street view photo.

"It's miles from anything and I have no clue what it's for, a cursory search of Google didn't bring anything up and I can't find any other photos."

Stumped Reddit users have been left spooked at the discovery, with no one able to offer up an explanation for what the huge structure could be.

Some commenters noted how the obelisk looks strikingly similar to the Washington Monument.

One user said: "Weird. Maybe someone's family died there and they put up the monument in memorial."

Another joked: "It's like the Washington monument but c**p. The Washington moment."

Several internet sleuths have noticed a similarity with the strange metallic structure that appeared in the Utah desert last year.

"That’s like that strange metallic sculpture they found out in the desert in Arizona or wherever last year," one user said.

"When it became national news, the sculpture vanished."

The huge slab was found standing completely alone in the barren Utah landscape in November 2020, firmly planted into the earth.

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It stood around three metres tall, or between 10 and 12 feet high.

Just as a frenzy of public interest was drawn to the Utah desert mystery, the structure suddenly vanished.

The federal Bureau of Land Management’s Utah office confirmed in a statement that the three-sided metal object had been removed by "an unknown party".

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