Sex robot with tattoos sends fans wild and dreaming of inking their own doll

A tattooed sex robot has inspired fans to ink up their own life-like dolls.

RealDoll, a world leading manufacturer of "luxury love dolls" sent their social media followers into a frenzy by sharing one of their products with tattoos.

The owner of a sex bot named as Snow who apparently lives in 'the Magic Kingdom', has built up a massive Instagram following by sharing various snaps of her.

Computer generated images of snow shared by KKFun show her enjoying scenery such as a jungle and beside dragons in Game of Thrones.

A recent snap however might prove to be a game changer in customised demands from RealDoll customers.

KKFun captioned a photo of the doll with tattoos of flowers on her chest and arm explaining she is still in pain after going under the needle.

It reads: "Everyone has a first time for everything, Snow is getting her first tattoos. She is complaining, it hurts a little bit. In the end, she is happy with it, her favorite flowers."

Adoring comments flooded in both on the original Instagram post and RealDoll's repost.

A follower responded to the picture: "Wow, very nice. If I ever have the money for one of these girls, definitely have to get her tattooed"

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"The tattoos match Snow's Ruby red lips," one person wrote.

Someone else said: "Very beautiful, wow, a beautiful tattoo that is very healthy for you to enlighten".

The Westworld-style sex robot factory announced last week that it will be releasing groundbreaking new dolls in the new year.

RealDoll thrilled their Instagram fans with a sneak peek of staff working on their latest creations in their Las Vegas headquarters.

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The post said: "We're mixing up some new things to get excited about for the new year!! Keep 'em peeled for a great 2022! #realdoll."

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