Loot unlock guide to Halo Infinite’s Christmassy Winter Contingency

After launching late last night, Halo: Infinite's first ever seasonal update is finally here.

'Winter Contingency' follows in the footsteps of Fortnite, Warzone and other multiplayer games that have released festive goodies around Christmas and New Year.

Halo players can unlock new loot and rewards just by playing one match of the game's multiplayer mode once a day, including new nameplates, weapon and armour coatings, and much more.

Winter Contingency will run until January 3rd 2022, giving you two weeks to get your hands on new in-game loot.

Unlocking the loot is simple. If you play ten days straight, the game will let you level up to the next item unlock with each day played. So, if you drop out after just four days, you'll only get the first four items of loot.

Here's everything we know so far about the unlocks you can expect from the Winter Contingency event.

What rewards can I unlock in Halo Infinite Winter Contingency?

There are ten items to unlock overall, and as explained, all you need to do to get them is clock in a bit of time on Halo Infinite multiplayer every day.

The items include:

  • Wild Justice (epic nameplate)
  • Peppermint Laughter (rare armour coating)
  • UA/TATIUS (rare left shoulder pad)
  • UA/TATIUS (rare right shoulder pad)
  • Peppermint Laughter (rare weapon coating for the MA40 assault rifle)
  • Snowmageddon (epic backdrop)
  • Navlogcom (rare nameplate)
  • Peppermint Laughter (rare weapon coating for the Sidekick pistol)
  • Myesel Ammo Pouch (rare utility)
  • Sunset Contessa (epic armour coating)

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So whether you're a long term fan or new to the series and haven't bothered to buy any items from the in-game store yet, Winter Contingency could be your chance to refresh your character and give them a facelift.

Although its multiplayer mode has been available to play in beta for some time, Halo: Infinite only received a full release earlier this month.

It ditches the usual linear story-driven structure of previous instalments for an open-world romp across the planet Zeta Halo.

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