Fortnite glitch stops sound from working – but there are ways to fix the audio

Like other 'battle royale' games, Fortnite rewards stealth, teamwork, and reflexes. Sometimes, being able to hear enemy players and other teammates can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

But what if your sound isn't working at all? More and more players are reporting glitches with sound not working on Fortnite since the release of the Chapter 3 update.

Although Epic Games hasn't confirmed whether the issue is caused by the update or not, there are still ways to troubleshoot the problem and get your audio up and running without waiting for a new update.

Here's how you can fix audio not working on Xbox and Playstation.

How to fix Fortnite sound not working

Before you try to fix the sound on Fortnite, you should first make sure that it is definitely only Fortnite that is affected by the problem.

Load up another game and see if you can hear anything from the game sound. If you can't, it's likely that there is an issue with your sound system or headphones. If this is the case, then try using different speakers or earphones.

If the issue is only affecting Fortnite, then there are a few tricks you can try that might bring the island back to life with full directional audio.

  • Open Fortnite's 'Settings', head to audio, and check that your volume settings are all switched on
  • Turn it off and on again: close Fortnite and restart your console, then try one more time

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If the issue is affecting all your games, it might be that the HDMI connection between your console and your TV is dodgy. To find out, you should check your HDMI connection.

  • On Xbox: check your HDMI connection by pressing the Xbox button, going to 'profile & system' then settings > general > TV & display options. Hit 'video fidelity and overscan' and under display, select HDMI.
  • On Playstation: it's not as easy to check the HDMI connection, but if audio is not going through on anything, then there could be an issue with the TV

If all else fails, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling Fortnite. It might take a while, but a clean install could do the trick.

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