‘Mystery UFO’ spotted by Reddit user floating in clouds during boat trip

A Reddit user claims to have spotted a mystery UFO among the clouds while on a boat trip along the coast.

The photos posted to the 'SlappedHam' subreddit, shows a small circle floating in the clouds where the original poster said it was coming in and out from.

User Brooksey12 said: "Seen a UFO whilst on a boat trip, it was going in & out of the cloud, almost as though it was phasing in & out, hence why it's translucent I think!"

The slide show three pictures where it is seen above a church spire on the shore.

Describing the snaps, the user said: "Zoom indirectly above the right spire. You can see it more clearly here, it's no plane/ bird etc & they don't go in & out of clouds!

"It's gone in this picture 30 secs later."

A Reddit user replied: "It's in cloak mode."

The news comes after a video of a cluster of UFOs hovering the night sky above a quiet town has sparked debate online as viewers were convinced they were not orbs but drones.

Reddit user Nesra432 posted the clip on the UFO thread after he spotted approximately 200 glowing white orbs in the sky.

In the video, the mysterious objects line up in an almost linear formation before it starts to disperse further up and down.

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A few other people can be seen stepping outside their cars and observing the phenomenon.

He wrote: "This was a crazy thing, they just were there watching us.

"It was pretty confused but it has no other explanation, no drones nor satellites have this movement even lights to point to the Earth."

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