‘Time traveller’ says he has proof he met himself in 2046 but TikTok sees errors

A man claimed he has proof that he had been transported to 2046 to meet his "older self" in the future.

Håkan Nordkvist, from Sweden, spoke in a 2006 documentary that he met a 70-year-old self when he was trying to fix a leaking pipe underneath his kitchen sink at home.

Earlier this week, an excerpt of the documentary was shared on to TikTok, titled: "Swedish time traveller meets himself in the future with video proof!"

Although the documentary was later confirmed to be a marketing campaign by Sweden’s third largest pension fund, AMF, many viewers said they believed it was real when they first watched it.

In the clip, Håkan said: "I get my tools to fix the pipe but can't reach it as it's so far in. I kept crawling in, further and further.

"Anyway, at the end it gets light and I can stand up and I see myself as an older man, maybe about 70.

"Luckily because I thought no one's going to believe this – I had my mobile and I could film it"

He took a selfie video while wrapping his arm around the older man's shoulder.

They looked at each other and smiled before showing the same tattoo they had on their right arms to the camera.

"We stood there talking and it was a nice feeling, really great feeling," Håkan recalled that moment.

Viewers re-watched the "interview" and spotted the mistakes in the advertisement.

"What do you mean 'maybe 70', so you've just met yourself over the years and didn't ask the age? Pff," one argued.

A second challenged: "Wow in all those years that tattoo hasn't faded or bled in to the skin one little bit…'

A third said it's not that difficult to find an older bald guy to act as the "old Håkan" and put on the same tattoo sticker.

"Just say you and your dad got matching temporary tattoos," a fourth wrote.

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