‘Junk food’ – ex-McDonald’s worker ‘disturbed’ after raunchy Ronald toy find

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Ronald McDonald, the famous face of the fast-food chain, is remembered fondly by many for children's parties and nostalgic adverts, but a raunchy find in a charity shop will leave some quite disturbed.

The family-friendly clown who represents the fast-food chain has left one former employee disturbed after seeing the clown in a new light.

Sy Ewing couldn't believe it after he discovered a bizarre Ronald McDonald figurine in a charity shop, showing the clown in speedos with fries sticking out the top.

The former staffer took to Facebook and shared his distress with others, who were traumatised at the findings.

"I have no words. Ironically, I used to work at McDonald's in my teens and this scared me," the 41-year-old wrote.

The former fast-food employee previously worked at a McDonald's branch in Swindon, Wiltshire more than two decades ago and received a blast from the past when he discovered the Ronald toy in Southend, Essex.

He spent the day trawling the charity shops of Southend and said he visited so many he couldn't remember exactly where he'd seen it.

One Facebook user commented saying the figuring "puts a whole new meaning to the term 'junk food'," while another joked they needed therapy after looking at it.

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"I hope those are fries and not some festering condition he's caught," a third joked, while a fourth commented: "That put me right off McDonald's chips, if that's where he keeps them warm!"

Another added: "Well this is mildly traumatising."

The signature red face paint and stripy socks mean there's no mistaking that this is Ronald Mcdonald, despite the lack of yellow overalls.

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The once-famed clown is largely absent from McDonald's branding today after the company was forced to pull the character from marketing opportunities following a slew of violence in the US, enacted by clown-mask wearing pranksters.

A statement released by McDonald's said: "We're afraid that Ronald McDonald no longer appears in McDonald's UK advertising, but he is still very busy working for us."

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