Brexit Britain’s electric vehicle market booming after EU departure ‘Less bureaucracy!’

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The sale of EVs in the UK has been soaring at rapid rates, with numbers going up “every month”, according to tech expert and WhichEV editor James Morris. He told “In November, the third best-selling car of all fuel types was the Model 3 Tesla in the UK. “And in November, nearly 19 percent of all cars sold were battery electric vehicles.

“It’s doing really well {the UK EV market], and this time last year it was half that.”

This comes as Britain hosts a massive exhibition and conference in the London EV show, which has created a huge buzz for the EV industry.

Running from December 14-16, it is focusing on the huge potential and continued development of the global EV sector by giving an exclusive platform for companies in the EV industry to showcase their latest products, services and innovations.

Mr Morris explained that while Britain’s EV market is currently strong, it has not come without challenges posed by Brexit.

He explained: “We would be more likely to have a Gigafactory had we not Brexited.

“One of the reasons why we were doing well for having foreign investment in our automotive industry was because of us being able to build cars here, have less bureaucracy and easier labour laws to deal, and then we could sell into the European market.”

But with the aspect of selling into the European market gone due to Brexit, Mr Morris argued this had in the past discouraged companies like Tesla from setting up a Gigafactory here in the UK.

Elon Musk reportedly chose Germany, rather than the UK as the location for a new Tesla Gigafactory factor, perhaps because of this reason.

But the Tesla boss may now be kicking himself, explained Mr Morris.

He told “The thing that remains after Brexit is that there is less bureaucracy for manufacturers to set up in the UK.

“The unions are weaker in this country than they are in Europe and that means companies can change their policies more easily.

“And I think Governments in general, Labour or Conservative are more willing to do things for industry than some European countries are.”

But now, Mr Musk is also reportedly “definitely considering” setting up a Gigafactory for Tesla, according to Mr Morris.

“Last month, they [Tesla] sold 3000 Tesla Model 3s. The top car was the Mini, selling 3500.

“It is selling a lot of cars frankly and I think they could service that market. Right now they service it by bringing in these cars from China.”

The UK is planning for a huge Gigafactory expansion.

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The UK’s first Gigafactory was set up in 2012 is one of the biggest and is based in Sunderland to manufacture Nissan’s Leaf car among other EVs.

After getting bought by Envision, there are plans to boost annual capacity at the plant to 38 gigawatt hours (GWh), an increase from a previous plan of 11GWh that was announced back in July

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