UFO fan spots ‘200 orbs’ hovering in sky but viewers debunk alien theory

A video of a cluster of UFOs hovering the night sky above a quiet town has sparked debate online as viewers were convinced they were not orbs but drones.

Reddit user Nesra432 posted the clip on the UFO thread after he spotted approximately 200 glowing white orbs in the sky.

In the video, the mysterious objects line up in an almost linear formation before it starts to disperse further up and down.

A few other people can be seen stepping outside their cars and observing the phenomenon.

He wrote: "This was a crazy thing, they just were there watching us.

"It was pretty confused but it has no other explanation, no drones nor satellites have this movement even lights to point to the Earth."

Nesra believed the orbs came from outer space but many viewers disputed it as "drone display".

"You can actually hear the drones flying," one mentioned and a second added: "You can literally hear the drone blades spinning why would you post this?"

Another commented: "This has to be a joke. They are clearly drones and focus!"

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Nesra stated that the sighting happened at around 10.50pm in Xanadu, Mostoles near Spain's capital city.

He explained: "There were like 200 of them, it's pretty difficult to send and control 200 drones at the same time and it was like 1 km far from the ground.

"Perhaps it's not a fact this but if they were drones they would at least do some kind of pattern in the sky, some text or cool pattern to experiment and programme, I'm not a expert in drones but if I was one I definitely would programme some pattern."

Last week, a pilot spotted a "fleet of UFO" flying at 39,000ft and moving in an eerie pattern.

The orbs faded out and re-appeared as they advanced forward in the clouds.

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