Gamer banned for 8000 years after designing KFC Kim Jong-Un car

A gamer has reportedly been handed an 8000-year ban from their favourite game after they designed a car parodying KFC and Kim Jong-Un.

The player was removed from the popular driving game Forza Horizon 5 after releasing a custom 'livery' which played with the logos of New Balance ('Nuke Balance'), Pirelli ('Pyongyang', the North Korean capital), and replacing the KFC 'Colonel' with North Korea's dictator.

He even added a '#SendNukes' design to it, playing on the meme 'Send Nudes'.

The anonymous player was told by the Forza Community Team he will be unable to play Forza Horizon 5 again until New Year's Eve in the year 9999.

For context, that is roughly when the Sun's neighbouring star Antares is expected to explode in a gigantic supernova. It is unlikely that Forza will still be playable by then.

Following the ban, Forza players have vowed to keep the controversial skin active on their cars 'forever' and complained about 'sensitive' game developers.

Fans of the game were quick to offer their condolences to the banned player, sharing reactions to their 'insanely good' graphic design work.

"The Pyongyang Pirelli logo is really well done, what a shame," wrote one user.

"I guess this confirms that Kim Jong Un plays Forza Horizon 5," said another.

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"Wait, what's the problem here? There is a picture of Kim Jong and KFC? Like how is this so offensive that it leads to any ban? I'm glad I didn't buy any [Forza Horizon 5] stuff because this has become ridiculous," argued one Redditor.

Although the developers of the game, Turn 10 Studios, have not issued a public statement, it was allegedly they who issued the ban.

A friend of the banned player claimed that "Playground Games has nothing to do with this ban, as they do not enforce the game in any way. This ban was issued by the Enforcement Team at Turn 10 Studios."

Kim Jong-Un is reportedly obsessed with KFC and even pushed for a branch to be opened in Pyongyang when North Korean officials visited the US in 2011. "They really wanted to get KFC to North Korea," said an organiser of the visit.

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