Hieroglyphic-covered acorn UFO fell to Earth after ‘moving like it’s controlled’

Every year in the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, the streets are invaded by flying saucers in a parade to mark the anniversary of their close encounter with a UFO exactly 56 years ago.

The parade, organised by the Volunteer Fire Department, attracts a large number of UFO enthusiasts for a weekend of festivities.

But paranormal researchers and experts on UFOs and Bigfoot who are honoured speakers take their subjects very seriously..

Kecksburg, also known as “Pennsylvania’s Roswell,” marks the 56th anniversary of what has become known as “The Kecksburg Incident."

On December 9, 1965, a fireball flashed across the sky above northeastern North America and was spotted from as far away as Indiana, New York, Virginia, and Ontario.

The falling object broke up and ignited several small fires throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania as flaming debris falls reached the ground.

Witnesses in Kecksburg claimed that the object crashed into the woods nearby the small western Pennsylvania town and citizens wandered into the woods to investigate.

A resident named Bill Bulebush claims he saw the object turn around in the sky “just like it was controlled” before crashing into the woods and when he drove out to investigate and found a 10-foot long acorn-shaped object smouldering in the woods.

Another man named James Romansky supported the claim as he is believed to have been part of a group of volunteer firefighters who came upon the 'acorn' shaped object in the woods, which he initially thought was a plane crash.

He said the mysterious UFO was metal and 'covered in hieroglyphics.'

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The area was eventually roped off as the US army went to investigate and the falling object were turned back by armed men but report that nothing was found.

Residents dispute this as they claim troops told them to leave the area when they came to investigate the object.

In 2003, a lawsuit was filed against NASA to release the documents from the military investigation.

In response to the case a NASA spokesperson claimed a Russian satellite was discovered on the site, which is just one of the many conflicting statements and scientific studies that have emerged over the years.

Many now believe the sighting was in fact an optical illusion and that the object could not have landed in that area.

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