You can now get an LG smart TV for FREE with Three’s £15 superfast broadband

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If you want to slash your monthly broadband bills – while still enjoying fast download speeds, the latest deal from Three is easy to recommend. And that’s before the company decided to upgrade its home broadband deal by including a 32-inch LED TV designed by LG for free. The telly, which is worth £249, is completely free to anyone who signs-up for either of Three Mobile’s broadbands plans, which cost £11.50 or £15 a month. Of course, if you’re already happy with the telly in your living room, this LG-built set will be superb for a bedroom, kitchen, or home office. Or you could sell it on Facebook Marketplace or eBay and use the profits to pay for your broadband bills for the next year or so.

Three 5G Home Broadband

Get a free LG-designed LED TV with this broadband package! At only £15 a month for the first 6 months of your contract, it’s a bargain. Especially when you consider that Three’s 5G bundle doesn’t require a landline or installation – simply plug in and connect to the speedy internet service. Since it’s powered by 5G, you can expect average download speeds of 100Mbps – easily beating the average UK home broadband speed of 70Mbps.

Average speeds: 100Mbps | Unlimited downloads | Contract length: 24-months

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Three 4G Home Broadband

If you don’t want the faster speeds available with the pricier 5G Hub, or can’t get the next-generation network in your area quite yet, this is a great alternative. And you’ll still be eligible for the free LG Smart TV worth £249 and the first six months of your new broadband contract with be half price too – dropping the monthly cost down to just £11.50

Average speeds: 50-100Mbps | Unlimited downloads | Contract length: 24-months

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