Look out Samsung! These Android rivals will soon have one major advantage

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Samsung is poised to launch a number of new smartphones in early 2022, including its wallet-friendly Galaxy S21 FE and premium Galaxy S22 range. With improved cameras, better displays, and an upgraded design all looking likely, it’s sure to make for an exciting bunch of announcements for fans of Galaxy handsets. However, if Samsung doesn’t make some changes to the system-on-a-chip inside its next batch of Galaxy smartphones, it will have some very powerful competition to deal with.

Epic new EE 5G SIM-only deal with 150GB of data

EE is offering a SIM with 150GB of data for £20 per month. This deal includes full access to 5G, enabling users with a 5G-compatible handset to download at speeds in excess of 300Mbps. That’s four times faster than the average UK home broadband speed!

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