Christmas party leaves 50 infected with suspected Omicron in what may be largest outbreak

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Medics have already confirmed that these are not cases of the delta variant and have said there is a “high probailty” that they are in fact infected with the Omicron variant. Officials said 50 people tested positive after taking PCR tests following a Chirstmas part for Norwegian renewable energy company Scatec at Louise Restaurant & Bar in Oslo.   And a further party attendees have had positive results from lateral flow tests, NRK reported. 

The party took place in a closed room but the guests were reported to have mingled with other people in the restaurant after 10:30pm, when it was changed to a nightclub. 

At least two restaurant guests who were not involved in the work Christmas party also later tested positive, but it sill not clear if they were infected at the event or from somewhere else.

Luckily, the ten waiters who served the table were tested after the party and none tested positive. 

It was fisrt thought that the party guests may been infected with the new Omicron strain as one of the guests had recently come back from a trip to South Africa, where the variant was first detected.

It was not clear right away whether this employee was patient zero or if they had been travelling in South Africa for Scatec. 

Tine Ravlo, assistant chief infection control doctor in Frogner District, said a preliminary screening of the cases’ samples showed that the party guest had contracted the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Ms Ravlo said the samples have been sent for sequencing, which will confirm whether or not these are cases of Omicron. 

Jorum Thaulow, Head of the infection tracking team in Oslo west, said every case was treated as though they had the Omicron variant and were told to self-isolate for seven days.

She local media the close contacts of the cases were told they should quarentine for for ten days in they become infected with COVID-19.    

At least 41 of the party guests who tested positive live in Oslo. 

Yesterday, Scatec released a press release that said mandatory testing and vaccinations was required for employees at the Christmas party. 

This is a breaking story. More to follow.

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