‘Sex doll stole my identity and I’m livid – I want it pulled off shelves now’

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A raging model says a sex doll company has brazenly turned her into a racy figurine – and she's demanding it's removed from sale.

Yael Cohen Aris, 25, claims the Doll Studio model is her doppelganger down to the smallest detail, including a unique beauty mark.

And if there were any doubts over who inspired the doll, she says it's even been given her first name.

What's more, she claims the company used her photos and videos alongside the doll.

She insists Doll Studio did all of this without her consent or even asking for her permission.

Yael is now demanding the item is pulled off the shelves and has even sought legal advice.

The brunette pin-up, who has a million followers on Instagram, was made aware of the "familiar face" by fans.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: "Someone reached me to address my attention to a whole discussion about a doll head prototype. Surprisingly it was a very familiar face.

"But back then I didn't understand what was going on, so I didn't give it too much attention and forgot about it.

"The second time, I couldn't be mistaken. The link took me to a sex doll website where I found out a company decided to turn me into one of their sex dolls without my consent or knowledge.

"They stole my face, my body, even the tiniest details such as my beauty mark under my lips – they even used my name! They called the doll 'Yael' as well.

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"And if that wasn't enough – turns out I'm also the doll's advertiser, as they attached my own photos and videos."

The disgruntled beauty has tried to contact the company and has spoken to a lawyer to have the doll removed from sale.

However, she says she is struggling to find the right person to take her case – leaving her feeling helpless.

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"It was very shocking," Yael said. "Unfortunately, I'm still feeling very helpless till this day.

"I knew that there could be consequences when sharing myself online. But I could never even imagine something like that – it's so wrong in so many ways.

"When I first found out I sought legal help, but couldn't find the right lawyer. I received contradicting advice that only made me more confused.

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"I decided not to act until I find someone who can really help me and solve this bizarre issue. I'm still hoping it will happen as soon as possible since three years have passed and the doll is still up."

For now, Yael, a former software engineer in the Israel Defense Force, is focused on other projects and has recently launched a new magazine, HolyLand, to encourage women to treat their bodies like a temple.

Doll Studio has been contacted for a comment.

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