Russia outsmarted as UK handed way out of Putin’s energy crisis: ‘Can skip dependency’

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While the Russian President continues to restrict gas travelling into Europe as European gas prices skyrocket, his tight grip on the energy market has become more evident. Europe now faces a crisis while Russia continues to “weaponise” the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will transit gas from Russia into Germany once its certification, which was recently suspended by German regulators, begins.

Analysts believe that, in the hope of speeding up certification and avoiding EU law from being slapped down on the pipeline, which also bypasses Poland and Ukraine, Mr Putin has been conducting a gas squeeze of other pipelines that transit gas into Europe.

But Rami Reshef, CEO of GenCell, told the UK can dodge a future gas crisis by creating a hydrogen-led economy.

Mr Reshef explained: “Once we generate the ability to generate power from mother nature, sun and wind, it will mean that we have enough power to generate hydrogen.

“Then you will be able to skip the dependency on gas that right now that Europe is buying from Russia.

“There is no way that the world can reduce energy dependency without building a strong and valid hydrogen economy.”

Mr Reshef also explained that energy from the sun in hotter countries can be extracted and used to generate hydrogen, which can then be exported as a net zero energy source, instead of using gas.

He told “In the UK, you have less sun than we have in Israel, and less sun that you will find in Africa.

“But think about all this land in Africa which you can use to generate a lot of renewable power.

“You can extract this renewable power to make hydrogen and then send this hydrogen to Europe, then you can really become what you can call energy independent.”

And the UK already has plans to ramp up the use of hydrogen as an energy source.

The UK Hydrogen Strategy is part of Boris Johnson’s ’10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’.

It sets a target for the UK to generate five gigawatts of low-carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Mr Johnson has also said that he plans to make the UK the ‘Qatar’ of hydrogen.

Mr Reshef praised Mr Johnson’s ambitions.

He told “I am impressed by this wording, and I really hope that within a year or two I will be impressed with the execution of his vision.

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“What we have in the last few weeks from Mr Johnson is a clear message that the UK should lead Europe with the implementation and adoption of hydrogen and a hydrogen economy.”

But Mr Reshef explained there are important steps the UK must take to achieve its aims.

He said: “This is related to an entire ecosystem; producing the fuel itself- hydrogen, building the infrastructure to transport the fuel, and dramatically reducing the use of fossil fuels.”

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