Black Friday shoppers camp out all night to get their hands on Playstation 5

After several years of shortages, excited gamers have finally been able to pick up the coveted PS5 on Black Friday—by camping outside shops all night.

Shoppers in El Paso, Texas brought deckchairs, blankets and even tents and waited for days outside a Gamestop to get their hands on Sony's latest console.

One shopper even said he had been waiting for two days, having camped out since Wednesday night.

"I've been trying to get one for a year, but people have just been buying out everything," said Amir Agah, one of only twelve people who managed to get the console at the store.

Agah added: "I was telling them if it comes to it I might have to sleep overnight just so I for sure have a chance."

"Finally we have it," his dad reportedly said.

Camping outside of big electronics shops has almost become a Black Friday tradition in the US, with huge queues forming immediately after Thanksgiving that have often spiralled out into disorder and even violence.

However, this year's Black Friday sales are said to be much calmer at American superstores, partly thanks to online shopping. This year, almost every major online retailer has launched a mammoth Black Friday sale, including the likes of AO and John Lewis in the UK on top of Amazon.

That is except for the Playstation 5, which apparently still attracts people to stores in their droves.

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The Playstation 5 has been hit by shortages ever since it launched last year due to extremely high demand and, critically, a global semiconductor shortage which has meant everything from toasters to Xboxes are in short supply.

Consoles typically sell out in seconds online, and are sold by scalpers for massively inflated rip-off prices.

Tech industry experts don't expect the shortages to get any easier until late next year, which will be long after some of the biggest PS5 exclusives such as Horizon: Forbidden West have already launched.

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