Disney invents a ‘real’ Star Wars lightsaber but nobody is allowed to touch it

Ever since 'A New Hope', it's been every Star Wars fan's dream to wield a real-life lightsaber.

When Disney revealed a disappearing glowing lightsaber earlier this year, thousands of Star Wars nerds finally thought it was their chance to live out their Obi Wan Kenobi fantasies.

Well, tough. While the impressive lightsaber replica will certainly be making an appearance at Disney's expensive new Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser hotel, guests won't be allowed to play with it.

The lightsaber was first revealed in a teaser clip for the Starcruiser hotel. It showed an actor playing a Jedi as she activates the lightsaber, which extends from the handle rather than being fixed in place.

The Galactic Starcruiser hotel is a two-day immersive experience at Disney World that costs upwards of £3,500 dollars per ticket.

It simulates a luxury space cruise with a continuous 'Star Wars' story narrative.

Guests are trained with the series' iconic blasters and piloting a spaceship, before it is attacked by the series' villainous First Order.

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Luxury Star Wars-themed space meals with drinks are also thrown in at a space diner based on the iconic sci fi series. The menu apparently includes extraterrestrial-looking squid dishes and blue 'Hoth' cocktails.

Early visitors to the Galactic Starcruiser say there is actually a 'lightsaber training' section, but guests don't get to use the fancy retractable lightsaber from the video.

Instead, you have to use cheaper fixed blades to deflect laser bolts.

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Disney has said there will be a big gift shop though which is likely to feature the lightsabers for purchase in the future.

One visitor who tested out the Starcruiser hotel for IGN said: "Everything about it was insanely cool. It’s like playing a Star Wars video game in real life. You truly feel like you’ve stepped onto an actual starship and are a part of a Star Wars movie."

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Even though it's a little bit disappointing that nobody gets to try out the lightsaber, it still sounds like an exciting experience for any Star Wars fan.

That's if you can get a ticket—the hotel is sold out for its first four months.

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