Google Earth user reckon they have spotted ‘alien’ lurking at remote coordinates

A creepy-looking shadow has been spotted in a remote part of the world by a freaked-out Google Earth user.

TikTok user shared their discovery on Friday (November 12) and it has been watched 2 million times.

In the clip, they zoom in on a rocky and snow-covered landscape populated with just a few industrial buildings and dirt tracks.

They then go into street view and find a shadow that, because of how the image is taken, appears to be almost floating without being attached to a body.

It also seems to have been taken early in the morning or late or night because the show has been stretched out to look inhuman.

There is also a weird shape on top of the head.

"What is this?" they wrote in the caption alongside the hashtags #scary and #alien.

It received 70,000 "likes" and hundreds of comments, with people guessing what the weird shadow could be.

One user commented: "An alien came and wanted to say hi."

"They took the alien out of the shot but not his shadow," wrote somebody else.

Seeming to be pointing out how the shadow is floating, a third person said: "Guys… cameraman is invisible."

A skeptical viewer wrote: "That's the reflection of the motorbike the rider and the camera mounted on the dude I've seen it before."

"I know that it's a cameraman but it really seems like a Pharoah or an alien," said another user.

The TikToker has racked up more than 5 million followers on their page from sharing multiple bizarre finds on Google Earth.

Back in February, they claimed to have found an "invisible" Us Air Force craft hiding in plain sight on satellite images.

They also showed a spooky replica of ET sitting in a person's window – which some people even thought could be real.

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