Sky’s Black Friday sales have started, and this is one you REALLY don’t want to miss

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Black Friday might not arrive until November 26, but the starting gun has already been fired. We’ve already seen some incredible discounts from Virgin Media and Disney+, while EE is handing out a free Xbox to customers who sign-up to its phone plans! And now, Sky has launched its Black Friday deals. If you’re looking to cut the costs of your broadband bills, get a new SIM deal for your smartphone, or get 50 percent off the latest iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 – your wishes have been answered by Sky’s Black Friday bonanza.

Sky Superfast Broadband (59Mbps)

Sky has slashed £3 a month off the cost of its Superfast broadband plan, which means you’ll save over £50 during your contract. At 59Mbps, don’t expect eye-wateringly fast downloads …but this is still plenty fast enough to stream 4K Ultra HD boxsets and movies on Netflix and Sky Q.

Download Speed: 59Mbps | Contract length: 18-months | Set-up fee: £19.95

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50% Off iPhone

Sky has dropped the price of its 60GB data allowance with all iPhone monthly plans. Usually priced at £30 a month for the 4G data alone, this Black Friday deal cuts the monthly fee down to £15. As for the handset, Sky lets you customise the monthly cost depending on whether you pay off the device in 12-, 24-, or 36-months.

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50% Off Samsung Galaxy

Want the latest Galaxy smartphone? Like the iPhone deal above, Sky has brought the same Black Friday bargain to the hugely-popular Samsung Galaxy range too. If you’re worried that 60GB of data every month won’t be quite enough, don’t forget that Sky rolls over any leftover 4G or 5G data at the end of each month, so you’ll be able to quickly rack up a hefty store.

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SIM-Only With 8GB Of Data

Happy with your current smartphone? No problem, Sky’s Black Friday bonanza has something for you too. It has a SIM-only deal with 8GB of mobile data every month. As always with Sky, you’ll be able to carry over any unused data onto the next month. So, if you’re often connected to Wi-Fi, you can quickly build-up a big store of 4G ready or your next trip.

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