‘Flying fish’ UFO spotted in sky ‘could be proof of underwater alien base’

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A large fish-like object seen flying in the sky has baffled alien hunters this week.

Nicknamed the “flying fish”, UFO hunters are sure that the item sighted over the American tourist destination of Florida Keys is in fact an alien spacecraft.

Expert Scott Waring, from UFOsightingdaily.com posted images of the “fish”, claiming that it is the “size of a city bus”.

He said: “One thing I have noticed over the last few decades of my research is that many alien structures on moons and planets and even UFOs sometimes resemble creatures from nature.

“But this UFO is the first of its kind that I have seen ever in my 30+ years of research.

“It has two dark eyes in the front of it and a lower head area and a body with fins the go above and below it, as well as a small thin fin in back.

“This just screams out UFO and it definitely came from an underwater base in the area.

“As I have said many times, there is an alien base that is partly under Florida and extends out into the ocean.”

From the images the Daily Star has seen, it's hard to determine whether or not the claims relating to the size of the object are accurate – and the same can be said about the alien base under Florida.

While alien sightings are common in Florida, no hard evidence has ever been found to back up claims that the spacecrafts are genuine.

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However, it appears that the space exploration industry is going to grow larger in the next few years, after we reported last week that a US military general warned that hotlines between his country and foreign rivals could be necessary to avoid a 'space war'.

Lt. Gen. B. Chance Saltzman, US Space Force's deputy chief of space operations for operations, cyber and nuclear recalled how, during his time leading air campaigns at the US Air Force, he was forced to create a hotline to Russia during tensions in Syria.

He said: “We had a hotline to the Russians because we were very concerned that a miscommunication with aircraft flying in close proximity in Syria would lead to a problem.

“I don’t see any reason why a similar approach couldn’t work for the space domain.”

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