Black Friday robot vacuum cleaner deal could save you £900 off a Roomba

Ever since Jessie Pinkman famously built 'DJ Roomba' out of a Bluetooth speaker in AMC's hit series 'Breaking Bad', robot vacuums have been all the rage on Black Friday.

For years, iRobot's Roomba was the only name in town. The Roomba autonomously roams your house, automatically cleaning up any dirt or dust and even mopping the floors.

It plugs itself when it needs to charge, and can be controlled with Amazon Alexa or other smart home apps.

There's a catch though: sold new, a high-end Roomba robot vacuum can run upwards of £1000.

If you're looking for a bargain Roomba, now might be your moment, as iRobot has launched an impressive pre-Black Friday sale where you can nab up to 25% off the premium robo-cleaners.

Current deals include:

  • A Roomba j7 Robot Vacuum which can detect dog poo (£559.99 down from £669.99)
  • A top-end Roomba s9 (£799.99 down from £1,999.99)
  • A bargain Roomba 698 (£199.99 down from £269.99)

However, if you don't have hundreds of pounds to splash on an AI-powered hoover and you're after a real bargain, you may be in luck.

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There are some amazing Roomba clones which share many similar features to the name-brand Roomba, but at a huge discount.

Right now, Amazon is doing a pre-Black Friday sale on a Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner for £171.75 (reduced from £229). That's £28 cheaper than the most affordable Roomba.

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It even has a few more features than the Roomba.

While you have to buy a separate robo-mop with Roomba, the Proscenic vac has a mop attachment. It also comes with its own app that can connect to Alexa and Google Home.

The offer won't last forever, so head over to Amazon to check it out and keep your floors clean with your very own DJ Roomba.

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