TikToker who says he’s stuck in 2027 and ‘last person on Earth’ shows empty city

A man who has been telling people he is a time-traveller stuck in the year 2027 made a new video apparently showing a deserted city.

Javier has 6.5 million followers on his @unicosobrevivienteTikTok account and has been entertaining people with clips of what he claims is a post-apocalyptic world.

Inexplicably the world dramatically ends after a big battle with aliens who are due to invade in the near future, according to Javier.

For some reason in this world, he is still alive and has an internet connection and access to TikTok and the ability to send these back in time to his followers.

While people have previously claimed he is "legit", his story is starting to sound unlikely to some viewers and so Javier has made a new video.

In the clip, filmed in Barcelona, Spain, he shows a crossroads and a towerblock in what appears to be quite a highly populated urban area.

While cars are parked at the side of the road and birds fly past, there is not a single person walking or driving in view.

The footage looks like it was recorded early in the morning and some people suggested it was taken during the lockdown.

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Since being uploaded on Sunday (November 7) the clip has been watched 2 million times and racked up thousands of comments.

One skeptic wrote: "My garden gets overgrown in less than a week but all the landscaping here remains perfect with no tending."

A second person commented: "It's obviously a video from back in lockdown when nobody went out."

Someone else said: "Try a Livestream to prove you are in 2027 in a location that is generally crowded."

A fourth questioned him: "My friend where do you get the internet service from?"

This comes after another so-called "time traveller" told people 7ft aliens will land on Earth and start a massive war.

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