Here’s when to expect Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped – and the top artists this year

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us once more—with Spotify's 2021 Wrapped due to drop in the next couple of weeks.

Users of the world's most popular music streaming service have been getting hyped for this year's annual digest, which provides every listener with a personalised summary of their year in music.

Earlier today, Spotify sent all users an email telling them to get ready for 2021 Wrapped, along with a link to let them view last year's round-up.

While Spotify hasn't confirmed the exact launch date of its 2021 Wrapped, it has usually gone live in the first week of December, which means you can expect yours within weeks. You'll be able to view it via this link as soon as it goes live or through your emails and app.

People have already taken to social media to get ready for the annual 'event', and not everyone is excited.

"Shaking in my boots for this years spotify wrapped wherein i spent half the year listening to baby shark and half the year listening to lofi study music," wrote one Twitter user.

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Another simply shared a photo of himself in pyjamas alongside a shot of him in a suit.

"Me on my wedding day vs me on Spotify wrapped day," he said.

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Launched in 2017, Spotify Wrapped lets you revisit some of your favourite tunes from the last year.

It then provides you with plenty of stats such as how many hours you spent listening to certain artists.

Critically, it also gives people ample social media fodder where they can compare their top artists and rip into their friends' bad taste in cheesy bangers.

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Spotify Wrapped is seemingly responsible for plenty of FOMO.

Last year, the Wrapped campaign led to a 21 percent increase in people downloading the Spotify mobile app.

It also added a few new features such as music quizzes and personalized playlists.

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