Moment woman walks husband like dog on leash through crowded train station

A woman was pictured walking her husband through a crowded train station with a collar and leash in a bizarre public fetish.

Luana Kazaki and Arthur O Urso claim that going out in public to perform the dominatrix fantasy "increases libido".

The couple appeared in public with a daring costume to perform a fetish., wearing a lot of leather and even chains, at a bustling station in Brazil, for a photoshoot.

In one of the photos, Arthur is pulled by the neck with a chain by Luana, his partner. The judgmental and curious looks of the public were also registered in the photos.

Arthur said: "People were surprised by the costume. We were also reprimanded."

But their fetish doesn't stop at the station as they have also dared to make other appearances in public places, including a market and a bakery, claiming "it was a different adventure".

Taking fetishes into public spaces is becoming increasingly common.

Another woman in Canada was fined by police after walking her boyfriend around on a leash in a bid to get around lockdown restrictions in January.

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She placed a leash on her partner and walked him around the streets, telling people she was just out "walking her dog".

However, not everyone is thrilled about the idea as they say that people out in public don't consent to be in their sexual space while going about their day.

Skylar Baker-Jordan wrote about their disagreement of BDSM and kinks being brought into pride celebrations for the Independent.

He said: "I won’t get into the wherefores and hows of my sex life, because frankly, I don’t think it is very interesting to anyone outside me and my partners.

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"It is also none of your business, except to illustrate that I am not trying to shame anyone for their private sexual fetishes and kinks. So long as all parties are of age, consenting and safe, I’m very much of the mind that anything goes.

"That is until you do it in public. Here we come to my first issue with BDSM and kink at Pride: consent.

"You may have no problem parading your sex life down North Halsted in Chicago or through Trafalgar Square in London, but others might not be so willing to participate in your fetish or to even see it."

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